How to tackle Ransomware

Gary Watson, Vice President Technical Engagement I was staggered to read recently that UK companies are stockpiling bitcoins in preparation for a Ransomware attack. This means two things, one that they expect an attack and two, that they see no choice but to pay it. As attacks get more sophisticated, security designed to keep the virus out is… Read More »

The Case For Truly Unified Storage or Bringing Sync n Share into Unified Storage

Howard Marks, Founder and Chief Scientist, DeepStorage LLC As I watch the expansion of sync and share (SnS) into the enterprise, I’m growing concerned that many organizations are creating yet another silo of storage. Wouldn’t it be a better idea for the “unified storage” system in my data center to serve up the same files it delivers to… Read More »

The Holidays: How to promise data protection after a BYOD hangover

The holidays are a time for the giving and receiving of presents – this increasingly includes the latest gadgets, from iPhones to smart watches and tablets. As employees begin to use these gifts in the workplace in the New Year, they bring a whole host of issues for CIO’s. Though a connected workforce is key in today’s world,… Read More »

Silent Data Corruption – Here’s How to Beat It!

IT professionals are constantly attacked by outside threats trying to steal and destroy your organization’s data. But what about those serious threats that are not from external adversaries, and happen without you even knowing? Silent data corruption is an actual, no-BS thing proven by hardcore researchers. The world-renowned CERN did a landmark study in 2007 testing 3,000 servers attached to RAID subsystems; in… Read More »

Optimize your Storage Management for Virtualization Performance

Unlock VMware Performance with the Right Storage Solution at VMworld 2016 There’s a reason why virtualizing IT resources is so universal. There’s just so many advantages using VMware, and storage operations should especially be a top focus when looking for that extra performance boost. After all, supporting mixed application workloads, protecting data, and balancing capacity, performance, cache and scale in virtualized environments are critical IT challenges. That’s why bringing… Read More »

Save Yourself from Rising Primary Storage Costs

We get it – your trusty primary storage is fast and puts tons of terabytes at your disposal. You load it up with as much data as possible, so you can access your files at a moment’s notice. But this seemingly innocent data hoarding can rack up costs as large portions of it goes unused.  You end up spending more… Read More »

Nexsan’s Giveaway for SysAdmin Appreciation Day

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS FOR THE GREAT ENTRIES!  I’m an awesome SysAdmin because… “I take over OnCall when an Engineer asks because it is the right thing to do.” “I actually document everything I do.” “I’ve been in the game for 10 years and have managed to not murder anyone.” “I’ll wake up when you call at 3AM… then… Read More »

Nexsan Teams Up with Zoe Gillings-Brier at the UK Ski and Snowboard Cross National Trials

Private cloud storage and snowboarding have more in common than you’d think. Melding tech with her sport, one of the world’s leading snowboard cross athletes and three-time Olympian Zoe Gillings-Brier integrates Nexsan’s Transporter private cloud into her daily routine as both a business owner and professional athlete to access and share data with key team members. For someone who’s… Read More »

Nexsan Delivers Superior Performance, Business Continuity, and Data Mobility – In a Single Appliance

Today’s NAS storage solutions have not kept up with the times, creating a gap between the worlds of the datacenter and the connected mobile user. The ever-growing mobile workforce demands instant file access at all times for productivity and business performance, but accessing company data without compromising security is a challenge for both employees and IT staff alike. When using sluggish, cumbersome… Read More »