Optimize your Storage Management for Virtualization Performance

Unlock VMware Performance with the Right Storage Solution at VMworld 2016 There’s a reason why virtualizing IT resources is so universal. There’s just so many advantages using VMware, and storage operations should especially be a top focus when looking for that extra performance boost. After all, supporting mixed application workloads, protecting data, and balancing capacity, performance, cache and scale in virtualized environments are critical IT challenges. That’s why bringing… Read More »

Save Yourself from Rising Primary Storage Costs

We get it – your trusty primary storage is fast and puts tons of terabytes at your disposal. You load it up with as much data as possible, so you can access your files at a moment’s notice. But this seemingly innocent data hoarding can rack up costs as large portions of it goes unused.  You end up spending more… Read More »

Nexsan’s Giveaway for SysAdmin Appreciation Day

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS FOR THE GREAT ENTRIES!  I’m an awesome SysAdmin because… “I take over OnCall when an Engineer asks because it is the right thing to do.” “I actually document everything I do.” “I’ve been in the game for 10 years and have managed to not murder anyone.” “I’ll wake up when you call at 3AM… then… Read More »

Nexsan Teams Up with Zoe Gillings-Brier at the UK Ski and Snowboard Cross National Trials

Private cloud storage and snowboarding have more in common than you’d think. Melding tech with her sport, one of the world’s leading snowboard cross athletes and three-time Olympian Zoe Gillings-Brier integrates Nexsan’s Transporter private cloud into her daily routine as both a business owner and professional athlete to access and share data with key team members. For someone who’s… Read More »

Nexsan Delivers Superior Performance, Business Continuity, and Data Mobility – In a Single Appliance

Today’s NAS storage solutions have not kept up with the times, creating a gap between the worlds of the datacenter and the connected mobile user. The ever-growing mobile workforce demands instant file access at all times for productivity and business performance, but accessing company data without compromising security is a challenge for both employees and IT staff alike. When using sluggish, cumbersome… Read More »

Speed with Green: How to Capture Energy Savings without Penalizing Storage Performance

We are in the age of energy awareness. The public pushes for ecological conservation and rewards organizations that put forth their own conservation efforts. Unfortunately, the storage industry is behind the curve. IT professionals continue to buy and deploy wasteful storage systems. Over the span of one year, a typical 42TB storage solution pushes 8.9 metric tons of… Read More »

Adding Reliability to Digital Video Surveillance Storage

Organizations across all industries are ramping up video surveillance in response to heightened physical security concerns and improved video technology. In turn, storing all of this surveillance footage has become a high-stakes activity because organizations require constant protection of its property, people and assets; if something goes wrong, security is compromised. As an IT professional, building a reliable… Read More »

How to Stop the Stealing with Improved Video Surveillance

You’ve marketed your business well, and customers love your product. Unfortunately, so do thieves. Retailers in North America report $45 million per year in retail shrinkage due to shoplifting, employee theft and organized criminal efforts. It’s a top goal of retail security programs to avoid contributions to this annual tally, and security administrators are focusing on improving their… Read More »

EMEA Partners Recognized at Summit

Last month, Imation hosted the annual partner summit for top tier partners in EMEA. The Summit kicked off with a collaborative session, product direction and Imation’s corporate strategies. At the conclusion of the event, there was an awards presentation, where we recognized several channel partners who have made remarkable contributions to our shared success: Largest EMEA Reseller – NCE… Read More »

Up in the Clouds

Cloud computing has grown in popularity over the past few years as a way for businesses to reduce their costs and grow revenue. Scalability, flexibility and resource utilization all improve from cloud computing, eliminating some of the financial pain points of the past. If you’re considering moving to a cloud-based model, there are five key facts to know… Read More »